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Welcome to David FOLIO webpage

This website is mainly dedicated to describe me, and some of my projects… and more and more this website may improve ;)

My website is divide onto two main part:

  1. One describing me, and some of my researchs and teaching activities
  2. Another one dedicated to show you some of my contribution which I want to share with you…

At this times the following projects are available:


  • phpAME: ASCII math

One aims of this site is to be collaborative. Thus, do not hesitate to participate and leave your impressions and comments (see bellow). Moreover, if your are interested, you can request me for an account allowing you to edit the contents of this site, by contacting me.

Les News…

D.Folio at ENSIB
Mes nouvelles pages ‘pro’:
Un nouveau site qui donne des nouvelles sur Yasmina et moi:
Candidature aux fonctions de Maître de Conférences
D. Folio, V. Cadenat. A sensor-based controller able to treat total image loss and to guarantee non-collision during a vision-based navigation task. In IEEE/RSJ Int. Conf. on Intelligent RObots and Systems (IROS’08), Nice, France, 2008. New: accepter en première lecture.

Le reste des news sont accessibles ici


Let’s notice, that this site is available in following languages:

  1. french: my mother tongue
  2. english: for a better visibility

To choose your favorite language simply clic on the flag on the left at the top of menu.
Nevertheless all pages are not translated (any are only in french, and other only in english…). I hope to provide soon the all pages translation.
Until you can browse this site and use your favorite translation tools to translate a page (if the translation is not available :P ).
I propose (just below the language selection flags) some link to google translation tools.

You can also contact me to ask me to translate some pages or elements…

NOTE’: If you want to contribute to the translation effort do not hesitate to contact me

See also: translation note

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If you have some remaks or questions, don’t hesitate to leave a message (see below!) or to contact me!

ronan — 08 novembre 2007, 09:44

C’est pratique l’utilisation de wiki pour le site. J’étais un de tes élèves à l’AIP et en salle d’autom, je suis en M2 SI. J’ai vu que tu étais à beaulieu maintenant? J’ai failli y faire mes études, si tu passes dans la rue de la soif, tu rencontreras peut - etre ma soeur qui est patron d’un bar (j’ai oublié le nom du bar). Bonne continuation

paul05 juin 2008, 01:50

un sans-papiers vient de creer un nouveau site, un doctionnaire des sites français avec lequel il veut devenir millionnaire!! voici son site :

Shaun Davis24 avril 2009, 15:36

Hey just a heads up, I wanted to let everyone know that Xio Dibin speaks English. I hope I posted in the right location?

Rhstddqm03 juin 2010, 11:55http://lkayhrkkjx/

YhNXBs wftvvnww icfbtbg ydozodtz yoyfgkel smdjrnpu aaeewdn ixvbysp zxyajpgp nezfx julninke qdzbdcpn

auisdhjkj21 novembre 2012, [][/url] <a href=“”></a>

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