My overall teaching activities have been solely related with the 61st CNU1 section which regroups scientific disciplines from control, computer engineering and signal processing. I taught these teaching, first, as a temporary teacher (3years , 2003-2006), teaching assistant (ATER,1year , 2007), and then as associate professor (10years ).

Since 2008, as member of the teaching team on the campus in Bourges of the INSA Centre Val de Loire, I am mainly involved in the students formation of the Industrial Risk Control2 (MRI), of the Energy, Risk and the Environment3 (ERE), and of the Sciences and Techniques for Engineers4 (STPI) departments. Specifically, after having started with teaching of electronics and electrical engineering, I have participated or organized lessons on signal processing, sensors, control and robotics. These various teaching experiences imply very different pedagogical tasks. Especially, those tasks are depending on the type of intervention: courses (C), tutorials (TD), practical works (TP), tutored projects (P), long- term project team work (BE); but also according to the different degrees of scientific maturity and specialization of the concerned students, from bachelor’s to master’s degrees level. In particular, I am especially involved in the implementation of the teachings materials, and to support the teaching assistants for the disciplines for which I am in charge.

Langage availability

Notice that some parts of my site are available in both English and French. However, as my teaching activities are done only in French, the rest of this part of dfolio(at)free’ website will be available mainly in French.

If you want to get some translations of a not translated page contact me to get further informations.

  1. The National Council of Universities, that is from French “Conseil national des universités” (CNU), comprises 57 sections covering different scientific disciplines. 

  2. From French “Maîtrise des Risques Industriels” (MRI). The MRI speciality is defined by a systemic risk approach (cindynics, or risk analysis). 

  3. Energy, Risk and the Environment (ERE) is a joint formation with Cher Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) Hubert Curien CFSA (Apprentice Further Training Centre) in Bourges. The ERE department trains engineers through apprenticeship training. 

  4. From French “Science et Technique pour l’Ingénieur” (STPI). The STPI department teaches a core syllabus for the first two years so as to equip future engineering students with the necessary fundamentals for continuing their studies.