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You can aquire an identity certificate from a company called a Certificate Authority (CA). Your company or organization might issue you an identity certificate through a certificate center in conjunction with a CA. If you are getting an identity certificate for personal reasons (eg. for e-mailing), you should seriously consider who you want to be your CA. When you need to prove your identity, you want a CA that others will trust. For example, most people and companies trust the validity of a driver’s license or passport.This is because they trust the way the government issues these documents. However, a student ID is typically accepted as proof of your identity only to the school that issues the ID. The same holds true for identity certificate. You want an identity certificate from a CA that is trusted by all major companies doing business on the Internet

Below I suggest you several links of certificate authority (CA) which offer to get an identity certificate of class 1:

Of course these list is not intended to be exhaustive, they are many others certificate authorities. I encourage you to use your favorite search tools to find your certificate authorities which could give your identity certificate.