Kim, Jungsik and Ladjal, Hamid and Folio, David and Ferreira, Antoine and Kim, Jung


Microinjection is a method for the delivery of exogenous materials into cells and is widely used in biomedical research areas such as transgenics and genomics. However, this direct injection is a time-consuming and laborious task, resulting in low throughput and poor reproducibility. Here, we describe a telerobotic shared control framework for microinjection, in which a micromanipulator is controlled by the shared motion commands of both the human operator and the autonomous controller. To determine the weightings between the operator and the controller, we proposed a quantitative evaluation method using a model of speed/accuracy trade-offs in human movement. The results showed that a 40%–60% weighting on the human operator (or the controller) produced the best performance for both speed and accuracy of guiding and targeting task in microinjection suggesting that some level of both automation and human involvement is important for microinjection tasks


  • microrobotic control
  • single-cell microinjection
  • telerobotic shared control


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