Belharet, Karim and Folio, David and Ferreira, Antoine


Navigating in bodily fluids to perform targeted diagnosis and therapy has recently raised the problem of robust control of magnetic microrobots under real endovascular conditions. Various control approaches have been proposed in the literature but few of them have been experimentally validated. In this paper, we point out the problem of navigation controllability of magnetic microrobots in high viscous fluids and under pulsatile flow for endovascular applications. We consider the experimental navigation along a desired trajectory, in a simplified millimeter-sized arterial bifurcation, operating in fluids at the low-Reynolds-number regime where viscous drag significantly dominates over inertia. Different viscosity environments are tested (ranging from 100% water-to-100% glycerol) under a systolic pulsatile flow compatible with heart beating. The control performances in terms tracking, robustness and stability are then experimentally demonstrated



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