Folio, David and Ferreira, Antoine


This study presents the first steps of design, modeling, simulation and development of a drug delivery microrobotic system (consisting of nanoActuators and nanoSensors) for the propulsion and navigation of ferromagnetic microcapsules in the cardiovascular system controlled by a clinical Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). Engineered micro-/nano-devices may be successful vehicles for transporting, delivering and targeting drugs. The integration of ferromagnetic particles allows potential MR-tracking and automatic delivery of the biocarriers through induced forces generated by magnetic gradients. MRI systems a level of flexibility, provide concentration and tracking information, real-time interventional capabilities and are already widespread in hospitals. Automatic delivery of these biocarriers to specific regions of the tumor through the lymphatic vessels is of special interest at early cancer diagnostics. In this presentation we present computational studies and experimental data on controlled navigable microcapsules which are steered by magnetic gradients generated by the MRI system. The navigation modeling, control and implementation were studied for future development of nanocapsules designed to perform minimally invasive interventions in remote sites accessible through the human cardiovascular system (from aortato- capillary networks). Third, different modeling methodologies and simulations have been developed for robust control in-vivo navigation in the cardiovascular system


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