Folio, David


Biology has been a key source of inspiration from which we can learn and adapt in nanotechnology. Natural processes are extremely efficient in terms of energy and material usage and provide us with many in spiring and thought provoking designs and principles. This talk discusses biomimetics at the nano scale, where we talk about nanorobotics and its design principles which are inspired by biology nature's way of doing things at that scale. Two approaches will be presented. The "machine nano mimetics" principle meaning the creation of nano-machine components inspired by the equivalent machine component s at the macro-scale and the other is the "bio nano mimetics" principle where biological entities such as proteins and DNA are used to create the nano-machine components. The field of nanorobotics hence encapsulates these two mimetic principles, and inherits their various characteristics, design logic and advantages.This talk focuses on the state of the art in the emerging field of bionanorobotics and it s applications and discusses in brief some of the essential properties and dynamical laws which make this field


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