Long time no see!


Let me start with a brief history of dfolio(at)free. I don’t remember exactly when I have created an account on the free.fr hosting service, but it must have been in the early 2000’s. This was when I’ve started to discover the Internet and some basics of the web development. But, it was around the 2004’s (during my PhD), that dfolio(at)free started to be designed (a bit) suitably. At this time, I liked well developing with PHP, but I didn’t like database managment (up to now). Thus, I have focused on a website with a flat-file system. That’s when I discovered PmWiki.

2004 — 2008

Once again, I don’t remember exactly how dfolio(at)free has evolved. But, I have performed some web development with PmWiki and PHP, mainly devoted for scientific diffusion. Hence, I have developed a PHP-based parser for BibTeX entitled ‘PhpBib’ (I still have it somewhere if someone need it). But today, with CSL and more advanced parsers my PHP’ BibTeX parser is obsolete. During this period, I have also investigate some security issues (ie. cryptography). But, I have mainly studied web standards (HTML 4.0, xHTML, CSS, and so on), and have tried to have a compliant website.

However, let me notice that I am not a web designer nor a web developer. I am just interested in these topics… as an ‘hobby’. So all development and design are made when I have time.

2008 — 2018

Nothing happened! I didn’t update, neither posted anything on dfolio(at)free. Why? Basically, because I had managed my personnal website with my Institute’ hosting (former http://perso.ensi-bourge.fr/dfolio/). But this service is right now down, since autumn 2017. Thus, I came back to dfolio(at)free =) … but, as you see, mainly in English.

When I came back to dfolio(at)free (after10years ), I learn that free.fr hosting service does not (really) allows flat-system database, and thus PmWiki :/ That is why I have looked for a new website management system (but I still dislike SQL databases). Finally, I have discovered Jekyll that is for static website, from plain-text (aka markdown based). This has lead to a totaly new dfolio(at)free website. For now the previous dfolio(at)free contents have been removed. But maybe, latter, I’d put back some of the previous contents. Come here again to see the evolution.