Hi! Long time no see! After about10years of dormancy, dfolio(at)free website is up again. But, as you see, mainly in English. You can find a brief overview of this website history here. You can also have legal notice on the license and the cookies-consent using the left sidebar panel.

I like all aspects of web design, development, code and front end designing of websites. However, I am not a web designer nor a developer. I am just interested in these topics… as an ‘hobby’. So all development and design are made when I have time.

dfolio(at)free’ website goals

The dfolio(at)free’ website aims to:

  • share my activities as associate professor (research and teaching)
  • be a place to centralize stuff (quickly) while I found/discover new scientific, technological, or development topics.


I am French, and my mother tongue is French. But, I have chosen to write mainly this new version of dfolio(at)free’ website in English. Why? Obviously for a wide spreading of
its contents.

Langage availability

Let me notice that some parts of my site are available in both English and French. Some others are only available in English (eg. the research section), whereas some pages are only available in French (eg. the teach section).

The language(s) availability(ies) is indicated by the flag(s) on the upper right of each pages:

  • A single flag indicates that the page is available only in the shown language.
  • Two flags allow you to chose between the (two) available page translations.

If you want to get some translations of a not translated page contact me to get further informations.


dfolio(at)free is not a place where you can leave any comments or share a like/dislike. However, you can send me a message at dfolio(at)free only if you have any enquiries on the contents of this website. You can also contact me through the social links in footer: