Hi! Long time no see! After about 10yearsof dormancy, dfolio(at)free website is up again. But, as you see, mainly in English. You can find a brief overview of this website historyhere. You can also have legal notice on the license and the cookies-consent using the left sidebar panel.

I like all aspects of web design, development, code and front end designing of websites. However, I am not a web designer nor a developer. I am just interested in these topics… as an ‘hobby’. So all development and design are made when I have time.

dfolio(at)free’ website goals

The dfolio(at)free’ website aims to:

  • share my activities as associate professor (research and teaching)
  • be a place to centralize stuff (quickly) while I found/discover new scientific, technological, or development topics.


I am French, and my mother tongue is French. But, I have chosen to write mainly this new version of dfolio(at)free’ website in English. Why? Obviously for a wide spreading of its contents.


dfolio(at)free is not a place where you can leave any comments or share a like/dislike. However, you can react only if you have any enquiries on the contents of this website. You may react me through the social links in footer: