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This page is underconstruction. Many contents are not yet published, and some pages are missing.
Come here soon to show the evolution.

You can find on this site an overview of my activities as Associate Professor at INSA Centre Val de Loire. These activities include my researches and teaching.

You may also find some more personal (public) stuff that I would share on a regular basis.

Langage availability

Let me notice that some parts of my site are available in both English and French. Some others are only available in English (eg. the research section), whereas some pages are only available in French (eg. the teach section).

The language(s) availability(ies) is indicated by the flag(s) on the upper right of each pages:

  • A single flag indicates that the page is available only in the shown language.
  • Two flags allow you to chose between the (two) available page translations.

If you want to get some translations of a not translated page contact me to get further informations.



An overview of my career that sets the background in which my works was carried out. This global view contains several topics, which are synthesized, in order to explain the general structuring of my research activities.



As senior lecturer, my overall teaching activities is solely related with the 61st CNU section. I am mainly involved in the development of electronics and electrical sciences teaching activities of the INSA Centre Val de Loire.



My research activities have led to scientific publications that are listed on the references page.



Miscellaneous pages to share some various things that I am interested in